Capoeira Holland Festival & Formatura 2023 in september

Een magisch internationaal evenement!

We are pleased to announce our
Batuque Capoeira Holland Festival & Formatura 2023
We will celebrate the 28th anniversary of the group with a great get-together and the achievement and consistency of capoeragem in The Netherlands.
Collective achievement with our students and teachers.
Together with our partners and guest Masters from Brazil France Germany Belgium Denmark & The Netherlands…
– Axé camará !!!
Batuque Capoeira Holland is proud to invite all the students, vriends and special guests to come and enjoy capoeira lessons, live music, dances and of course the Batizado & Formatura ceremony in the group.
Together with masters and teachers from capoeira groups in Europe and Brazil we will celebrate the Brazilian Capoeira culture in trainings and rodas talks and parties…
Fellow Batueiros and friends….
We are pleased to present here the SPECIAL guests of our event.
People that we value a lot, and who have a vast bond of friendship and participation in the process of developing our work over 28 years here in the Netherlands:
Mestre Everaldo (Campo Grande/Brazil)
Mestre Boa Gente (Salvador/Brazil)
Mestre Jorge (Sete Lagoas/Brazil)
Mestre Fefé (Olinda/Brazil)
Mestre Macaco (Darmstadt/Germany)
Mestre Requeijão (Paris/France)
Mestre Vulcão (Massaik/Begeum)
Mestre Serra Pelada (Caem/France)
Mestre Dino (Kopenhagen/Denmark)
Mestre Tesourinha (Karlsruhe/Germany)
Mestre Ivan (Dortmund/Germany)
Mestre Carinhoso (Olinda/Brazil)
Mestre Jackson (Fortaleza/Brazil)
Contramestra Cascavel (Paris/France)
Contramestre Ligeiro (Jerusalem/Israel)
Contramestre Diabão (Rouen/France)
Contramestre Rasta (Sevilla/Spain)
Contramestre Pepe Legal (Rouen/France)
Contramestre Morcego (Rouen/France)
Professor Camundongo (Darmstadt/Germany)
Professor Cyrilo (Eindhoven/Nederland)
Together we will celebrate the Capoeira culture!
Axé ☀️🙏🏽🇳🇱🌴❤️🎶🔥
door Guido Heijmans capoeira evenement lessen